Resident Advocate A member of the Daughters of Charity is our Resident Advocate. If a resident or family member has a concern, complaint or question about care or services, the advocate is there to assist them.

Director of Staff Development (DSD)
An important member of our team is our Director of Staff Development (DSD). The DSD is responsible for planning, conducting and coordinating educational programs for the development and improvement of necessary skills and knowledge for all long-term care personnel. The Director of Staff Development ensures that orientation, certification and educational programs are conducted according to facility policy and procedure and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

During the residents stay, many other healthcare professionals, including personnel from the laboratory, dietary, radiology and therapy departments may visit. In addition, the hospital includes many behind-the-scenes workers, such as accountants, engineers, secretaries, food service workers and others who contribute greatly toward resident’s and patient’s well being during their stay.

Financial Advisor
Financial advisors verify all insurance coverage on each admission. If residents qualify for government programs, financial advisors can assist with the application process and are knowledgeable about eligibility for such programs. Financial advisors also evaluate hardship cases and can access funds for qualified residents.

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